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Angling Malaysia Patience, strength and dexterity.If you possess these qualities you may want to try out angling in Malaysia's bountiful ocean, lakes, and rivers. Imagine this, your overworked arms are aching so much that they actually feel numb and perspiration is constantly dripping from your brow despite the ever cooling breeze. In fact, you've been battling this fish for 3 hours and it is isn't going to be "the one that got away". That is what you think. The fish, on the other hand, has other thoughts, most likely being, "I'm not going to be your dinner!". This isn't a scene from a Hemmingway novel. This is you fighting a Black Marlin off the coast of Sabah.

For the deep sea sports fisherman, Malaysia's waters are stocked with game fish that'll provide grand competition. In the coastal water off Terengganu, Johor, Sabah, and Sarawak you can drop a line and wait for the strike! It could be a Sharp-Toothed Bass, Silver Jewfish, or the prized Black Marlin. For the fresh water angler, try the lakes and rivers and maybe snare a Giant Snakehead or Malaysian Mahsa. A different challenge, but equally as rewarding. Then there is "candat" fishing. Learn from the local East Coast fishermen the art of catching cuttlefish using lights and multiple lines with hooks. Truly a distinct mode of fishing.

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