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Malaysia Travel Guide
Malaysia Travel Guide
Malaysia Travel Guide
Malaysia Travel Guide
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Local Food
Malaysia Cuisine The Malaysian food is a multicultural affair combining Malays, Indians, Chinese and Peranakan, this is what you expect to get from a country that is such a melting pot of cultures. The fusion of these cuisines that has developed over the centuries makes Malaysian food not only colorful, spicy and eclectic - but also downright tasty .With such a pulsating diversity of food styles, Malaysia is a fabulous place to enjoy the art of eating and drinking.

Rice normally is a staple in Malaysian food, and unless you are eating roti prata or noodles, you are almost definitely to eat your meal with rice in one form or another. The rice eaten in Malaysia tends to be the local variety of rice (mainly from Kedah) or fragrant rice from Thailand.

Dining out in Malaysia is inexpensive, and the choice of food is unbelievably large, there's Malaysian food on sale literally everywhere you turn in Malaysia, from 5-star hotels to the local restaurants and hawker centres. Eating is a national pastime in Malaysia and you'll never be too far from some delicious food. Live to eat - it's the mantra of Malaysia.

Malaysian food is one of our greatest attractions and an ever present embodiment of our diversity, and harmony.

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